Chutneys – A new way to fight food waste

Australia is home to an innovative social enterprise that tackles food system injustices with chutneys and pickles. Eat Me Chutney, a social initiative started by a mum and a son team, fights food waste and unfair trade terms for farmers in developing nations. They make socially good jars of chutneys by hand, in small batches, using wonky and wounded produce local growers are otherwise unable to sell. Their website explains their concept quite clearly: “Be it squishy/wonky/bruised/funky or simply unsold, we rescue it and convert them into chutneys. Tackling food wastage is central to what we do!”



A great initiative in Sydney, could it be replicated in the UK?


The Feast Happy Team 

August 30, 2015 by Team Feast Happy

Feast Happy Bicycle Delivery

The number of cyclists on London roads has more than doubled in the past decade; it’s a call for health, sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Feast Happy is part of this trend! We are environmentally responsible and are committed to better serve the London community by delivering chef-handcrafted meals around London by bicycles!


feast happy cares about the environment bicycles


A dear friend knows about our startup and has made us Feast Happy color pom-poms to decorate the delivery bikes! We tried them on one of our bikes today, and they just look incredibly cute! 


bicycle delivering fresh food from feast happy


Thanks so much SJ! :)

 SJ says Feast Happy is going to be a massive success



The Feast Happy Team


August 23, 2015 by Team Feast Happy

Solidarity Fridge to Fight Food Waste

A creative solution to food waste comes from Galdakao, a small city close to Bilbao, Spain: the “solidarity fridge”.


First the Guardian and then the Huffington Post have reported about it, and we find it really interesting and worth spreading the word for.


Residents and restaurants of Galdakao can drop off leftover or unused food, which would otherwise be thrown in the bin. Anything left in the fridge can be picked up by anyone who wants it. However, there are strict rules for anyone leaving food in the fridge, such as no raw fish, meat or eggs, and anything prepared at home must include a label detailing when it was made. Volunteers monitor the fridge and throw out anything past its use-by date.



It didn’t take long for Álvaro Saiz, idea originator, and other like-minded organizers to obtain the necessary permits and legal waivers for their endeavor, including ones to ensure they wouldn’t be held liable in the case of any food sicknesses. As mentioned in the interview to the Guardian, Saiz mentions that the goal isn’t to feed people in need. “This isn’t charity. It’s about making use of food that would otherwise end up in the bin,” he said.


Murcia, another Spanish city some 400 miles away recently became the second Spanish city to host a solidarity fridge.


Which city next?


The Feast Happy Team



August 18, 2015 by Team Feast Happy

Feast Happy Go Green from the Get-Go!

Eric and I are big advocates of generally being good to yourself, other people and of course your environment. We’re not beardy tree huggers by any means but anyone with a bit of common sense these days is aware that certain behaviour, environmentally speaking, is not sustainable and isn't going to be helpful to our grandkids when there’s no bees or trees left around, which is why we’re going green from the get-go!



Although deforestation is not a huge issue in the UK yet, it is around the rest of the world and has huge knock on effects from everything to our climate, soil erosion and flooding, so we’re keen to avoid cutting down any trees to get our meals to you. For our containers we've sourced entirely bio-degradable trays made from Bagasse, the fibrous material that’s left over from sugar cane after the juice is extracted, our container lids are made from 100% post-consumer materials and finally our sleeve is also from Bagasse meaning you can compost it with any leftover food if you so choose. As our chefs will tell you, the best way to enjoy their meals is by heating in the oven that’s why we made sure our trays are both microwave and oven safe.


Feast Happy aims to have a 0% carbon footprint by our 3rd year of operating and will offset our previous carbon emissions to achieve this. Starting on the right path is important to us, especially as the journey ahead is a long one but we feel we can sleep better at night doing our bit for the planet and hopefully so can you. We also think they look pretty darn cool too!



Tweet us if you think our packaging needs any tweaks or if you have any environmental advice which will help us achieve our green dream.


July 16, 2015 by Tom Cole